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Psychic Love Readings

Psychic readings can be very useful for looking at love problems. ‘Psychic’ is a phenomena whereby information is picked up via a person’s sixth sense, their ‘gut feeling.' Sometimes psychic readings involve utilising a tool such as a crystal ball to reveal information which a psychic intuitively translates.

We have three minds: our head, intellectual mind, our heart mind - when we follow our heart, and our gut mind (animal instincts) which communicates with our subconscious and super subconscious allowing us to obtain information not available to our intellectual mind which uses our other senses: hearing, sight, touch, smell and taste.

At any one time there is an infinite amount of future possibilities regarding how your relationship will workout. Depending on various actions; your own, your lover's and other peoples, one reality will become much stronger than all the rest, this is the one a psychic reading will pick up on, but nothing is written in stone until it comes true; the future is not fixed, you can therefore create the future you want. An accurate psychic reading might tell you 4 things that are spot on and yet another prediction will be totally off the mark because things have altered, another future possibly or reality has overtaken the one that seemed the strongest at the time of the reading. Readings are great for guidance; forewarned is forearmed, BUT readings are always uplifting - never frightening.

If you like a prediction you should do all you can to make it come true, if you don’t like a prediction you can block it with your actions.

Time doesn’t exist on the psychic realm, that is why there is lots of different future possibilities and also why a psychic cannot predict a date unless her spirit guide gives her a date which is unlikely because all situations are constantly changing and whatever is destined to happen on a specific date might move backwards or forwards a little, or in certain cases a lot. I personally do not believe it is possible to predict dates, since the psychic realm is outside of time. Some future predictions are very, very strong such as marriage or having children, therefore a psychic is most likely to be spot on with super strong vibrations - predictions that really matter.

Distance is another measurement that means nothing to the psychic world, a psychic can give you a very accurate reading if she is 7000 miles away from you. Distance doesn’t affect love spells either, since they are psychic energy. Overall, psychic energy is outside space and time and not detectible by our normal five senses.

For my readings I answer questions, I don’t make random predictions, I answer questions because I put your question to my subconscious and my subconscious will supply an answer to something important, rather than randomly predicting you will buy a gold fish at weekend - while random predictions can be fun, a serious reading is wisest, psychic powers must be respected.


10 Questions Answered - any question you care to ask me - £40.00
20 Questions Answered - any question you care to ask me - £60.00

In truth I do not need links such as photos, birth dates for readings, because the psychic realm will know YOU have ordered a reading from me - the psychic connection is there, but sometimes dates of birth or photos are useful to me if I am answering a complex question, so that I can interpret the answer for you rather than leaving it up to you.

If you would like to order a reading to see how your love spell is working for you, you can use the payment button below or any payment method listed at HOW TO ORDER and of course email your questions to me at Reading are usually done within 24 hours. (This services is only available to my clients, I work full time as a love spells witch, therefore I do not have the time to offer psychic readings in general).

Reading - 10 questions answered - £40.00

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Reading - 20 questions answered - £60.00

Reading Price £60.00 GBP Sterling

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