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Will My Love Spell Work?


When I say yes a love spell will work clients want to believe me, they may think Arabella must know, she’s cast numerous love spells, but they still have doubt. However, this isn’t real doubt, or a problem to their love spell - is it not true we all worry even when everything looks perfect and destined to go our way? You might have a fantastic holiday booked in a country where the sun only ever shines, but still you have your ‘what ifs’ - it might rain all week? You fear might forget to take your 5 new bikinis - despite having them packed in your suitcase for the last 10 days. Worry is what humans do, you can repeatedly check your suitcase and get reassurance that you 5 bikinis are in there, but with a love spell how can you get reassurance? You can email me or read my website, but you might not get visual reassurance which you desperately need.

Your love spell’s first port of call is to work on your lover’s feelings, thoughts, emotions and moods - he or she might need calming down, they may have told themselves they will never speak to you again - therefore while your love spell heals all this you might not see any visual changes. People incorrectly assume a love spell is cast and then a small sign will appear - a text message, but in fact if you ex or the one you love is moody and not planning to speak to you ever again a text isn’t very likely - you will get a text when they are keen to be with you, when they have changed their mind. In some cases yes a text message from someone you haven’t heard from for months may well appear - it depends on the situation, your lover might not be angry or stubborn, but not with you for another reason.

Love spells work as fast as they can, and produce visual results as swiftly as possible. They go straight to your lovers mind with positive love energy about you - your ex might remember something they love about you, but until your spell has worked on them fully they will stick to their decision not to be with you. All cases are different, but as your love spell works you might find them blowing hot and cold - hot when your love spell reminds them why they should be with you, cold as their old anger comes out from time to time. Eventually their negativity will fade and they will want to give your love another chance. A love spell wont change their personality, but it will heal the things that made your relationship difficult. Love spells are very similar to healing, healing works on the cause, then the aliment - therefore if your lover had a tendency to tell you lots of ‘porkies’ which led to rows and upsets in the past, when your relationship is back on track you will notice they aren’t so keen to stretch the truth, they will be their best selves.

Your love spell will work, but it will be a gradual process with bits of your jigsaw fitting together before full results appear. You might not understand what part certain pieces of the jigsaw play in the overall picture, until you have full results - when all the pieces fit together.



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